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Stan Musial Passes

by Cardinal70 January 20, 2013

Cardinal Nation is in mourning as longtime icon Stan Musial has passed away at the age of 92.  Capturing what Stan The Man meant to the city and the fanbase is nigh on impossible, but so many of the UCB did their best in the following posts.  Continue to check back as we add other […]

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10 Years: Remembering Jack Buck and Darryl Kile

by Cardinal70 June 17, 2012

A decade is a long time.  You see rookies debut, play, and wash out of baseball in that time.  You can see baseball shift from a power-packed group of guys to a pitcher-centric organization.  Ten years can seem like forever. Then again, a decade can seem like no time at all.  Ten years ago this […]

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Fifth Annual UCB Progressive Game Blog: Pregame

by Cardinal70 June 2, 2012

To look on the positive side of things, at least today’s game will be better (from the Cardinal perspective) than yesterday’s was. The Cardinals ran out perhaps their most potent lineup combination, a lineup that saw Carlos Beltran make his first start in center field, only to see them become a part of history as […]

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