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February Project: Spring Training Roundtable

by Cardinal70 February 14, 2014

Every year at this time, the United Cardinal Bloggers do one of their semi-annual roundtables.  The concept is pretty simple: a blogger asks a question to the group via email, everyone responds during the day, and the next day the blogger posts the transcript of the discussion for public examination. There are always a lot […]

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UCB October Project: Postseason Roundtable

by Cardinal70 October 31, 2012

With the season finally over (though not exactly the way we were hoping) it’s time to sit down and do a post-mortem.  The best way to do that is, of course, the famous UCB roundtable.  Here’s the schedule–the day listed is the day the blogger should be posting their transcript. (The blogger will actually propose […]

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UCB September Project: Top 7 Prospects

by Cardinal70 September 27, 2012

Every September, the members of the UCB take their cracks at who the top seven prospects are in the Cardinal minor league system.  Different methodologies are used and there are different levels of familiarity with the minor leagues among the membership, but it still allows for some interesting opinions. Follow the links to see everyone’s […]

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Fifth Annual UCB Progressive Game Blog: Pregame

by Cardinal70 June 2, 2012

To look on the positive side of things, at least today’s game will be better (from the Cardinal perspective) than yesterday’s was. The Cardinals ran out perhaps their most potent lineup combination, a lineup that saw Carlos Beltran make his first start in center field, only to see them become a part of history as […]

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