Redbird Retreat

UCB September Project: Top 7 Prospects

by Cardinal70 October 2, 2015

Every September, we take a look at the farm system, seeing who might be considered the top prospects in the Cardinal system. Follow the links below to read up on everyone’s picks and we’ve summed it up into an overall UCB list below! (Points were awarded in inverse order–the prospect ranked first got 7 points, […]

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UCB August Project: Theme Night Suggestions

by Cardinal70 August 21, 2015

In the past few years, the Cardinals have expanded out their Theme Nights to encompass various different flavors of the fandom.  Star Wars Night, Missouri Night, even American Girl Night have been on the calendar this year.  And while the marketing and promotions department does a great job coming up with these things, that doesn’t […]

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UCB May Project: The 2015 Progressive Game Blog

by Cardinal70 May 30, 2015

One of the regular traditions of the United Cardinal Bloggers is the Progressive Game Blog.  This is our eighth year to attempt this and it’s always an interesting way to take a look at a regular season game. If you’ve never been a party to our Progressive Game Blog before, the key here is that […]

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