2011 Cardinal Blogger Awards

by Cardinal70 November 9, 2011

While the October/November/December roundtable is still going on, another project also gets a little play.  Every November, the UCB votes on certain awards, both on the field and in the blogging arena.  This is the fifth straight year that the awards have been handed out, and this year there is a twist. We’ve added a […]

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October Project: UCB Postseason Roundtable

by Cardinal70 October 30, 2011

While the Cardinals continued their push to the World Series title (and you can read all our thoughts on that here), they also pushed our traditional roundtable back down the calendar a week at a time.  Now that the season is triumphantly over, it’s time to get down to it. How the roundtable works is […]

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2011 Progressive Game Blog: Pre-Game

by Cardinal70 May 7, 2011

Good afternoon and welcome to the fourth annual Progressive Game Blog, hosted by the United Cardinal Bloggers.  We have an excellent lineup of blogs for you today to get you through today’s matchup between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers. The Progressive Game Blog is (as far as we know) a UCB exclusive, […]

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UCB January Projected: Top 5 Headlines

by Cardinal70 January 26, 2011

This month’s project comes from the mind of Tom at CardinalsGM.  He suggested that we jot down five headlines that we expect to happen during the coming year.  Not necessarily what we want to happen, but what we think will happen. The posts are scheduled for Friday, January 28, but some have come early.  Be […]

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