UCB May Project: The 2015 Progressive Game Blog

by Cardinal70 May 30, 2015

One of the regular traditions of the United Cardinal Bloggers is the Progressive Game Blog.  This is our eighth year to attempt this and it’s always an interesting way to take a look at a regular season game. If you’ve never been a party to our Progressive Game Blog before, the key here is that […]

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March UCB Project: Predictions

by Cardinal70 March 31, 2015

Every year we take a stab at figuring out just what the baseball landscape will look like come the end of the season.  While we make no claims at being good at it, it’s a fun way to get ready for the upcoming campaign.  So check out these picks from our members!  We’ll continue to […]

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February UCB Project: Preseason Roundtable

by Cardinal70 March 31, 2015

It’s late to be putting this up, I know, but the United Cardinal Bloggers did do their regular roundtable again this February. Take a look back at our discussions from the beginning of the spring as you prep for the season! Women Who Love Cardinal Baseball CardinalsGM Bird Tales Redbird Rants I70 Baseball The […]

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January UCB Project: Which Game Would You Go To?

by Cardinal70 January 31, 2015

Given the chance to see any game in Cardinal history, which would you choose?  A major accomplishment?  The first game of a big name?  A World Series clincher?  The UCB took a stab at it this month.  Check them out! Aaron Miles’ Fastball Baseball Geek In Galveston Born Bleeding C70 At The Bat Cajun Cardinal CardinalsGM […]

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