UCB March Project: Baseball Predictions

by Cardinal70 March 25, 2013

Every year at this time, the UCB puts their predicting hats on or digs out their crystal balls to try to determine what is going to happen in the baseball season to come.  We also do this with the implicit understanding that we will not go back later and see just how terribly wrong we were (though […]

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UCB September Project: Top 7 Prospects

by Cardinal70 September 27, 2012

Every September, the members of the UCB take their cracks at who the top seven prospects are in the Cardinal minor league system.  Different methodologies are used and there are different levels of familiarity with the minor leagues among the membership, but it still allows for some interesting opinions. Follow the links to see everyone’s […]

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Our Favorite “Obscure” Cardinals

by Cardinal70 July 27, 2012

We all know the pantheon of greats in Cardinal history.  The guys in the Hall of Fame or on the wall of Busch Stadium (though I think you could almost make an argument that Ken Boyer would work on this project as well).  We know Stan, Ozzie, Red, Gibby, Lou, Sutter, Hornsby, Slaughter.  Those guys […]

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UCB March Project: Predictions

by Cardinal70 March 25, 2012

Every March, the members of the United Cardinal Bloggers do our best to guess how the divisions will shake out and who will take home the postseason hardware.   Some will do it all in one post, some will spread it out over the week.  We’ll continue to update this post throughout the week with […]

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