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UCB Project: Top 5 Stories of 2009

by Cardinal70 December 31, 2009

The United Cardinal Bloggers gather for the last time this decade (whatever you want to call this decade) with their top stories of the year.  2009 had a lot of great story lines to choose from, so be sure to read through the contributing blog posts. Busch Birds C70 At The Bat Cardinal Nation Globe […]

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The 2009 Cardinal Blogger Awards

by Cardinal70 November 18, 2009

For the third straight year, the United Cardinal Bloggers are voting for post-season awards.  The best Cardinal player.  The biggest Cardinal disappointment.  The greatest Cardinal blogs.  Follow the voting (which will conclude Friday) at the following, and check back for the winners soon! Cardinal Best News Links Cardinal Nation Globe CardinalsGM C70 At The Bat […]

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June UCB Project: Cardinal Memories

by Cardinal70 June 25, 2009

Before this mighty group of talented bloggers you see before you became that vaunted organization called United Cardinal Bloggers, we were Cardinal fans.  Part of the great aspect of any fandom are the memories that you have of watching your team.  Whether it’s a momentous occasion, such as where you were when Mark McGwire hit […]

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March UCB Project, Day 5: Postseason Predictions

by Cardinal70 April 3, 2009

We have spent the week looking at our predictions of what will happen in each division this year.  We covered the AL in one fell swoop (really all it’s worth), then expanded our views on all the NL divisions. Today, we look at what happens after the season.  Who winds up on top and who […]

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