Born Bleeding

10 Years: Remembering Jack Buck and Darryl Kile

by Cardinal70 June 17, 2012

A decade is a long time.  You see rookies debut, play, and wash out of baseball in that time.  You can see baseball shift from a power-packed group of guys to a pitcher-centric organization.  Ten years can seem like forever. Then again, a decade can seem like no time at all.  Ten years ago this […]

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UCB March Project: Predictions

by Cardinal70 March 25, 2012

Every March, the members of the United Cardinal Bloggers do our best to guess how the divisions will shake out and who will take home the postseason hardware.   Some will do it all in one post, some will spread it out over the week.  We’ll continue to update this post throughout the week with […]

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UCB January Project: Top 5 Iconic Moments

by Cardinal70 January 25, 2012

There are those moments that just immediately come to mind when you think of the St. Louis Cardinals.  Perhaps it’s Ozzie’s home run or his signature backflip.  Bob Gibson glaring from the mound and striking out a World Series record.  David Freese’s home run in this past postseason. What are the top moments, though?  That’s […]

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