February 2013 UCB Project: Preseason Roundtable

by Cardinal70 on February 17, 2013

As is our tradition here at the United Cardinal Bloggers, we are again spending February with a email roundtable.  The general format is that a blogger emails the group a question, the group kicks it around for a day, and then the blogger posts a transcript on their site the next day.

In the past, it’s been an all-play situation, where everyone that wants to participate gets a day to ask a question.  This year, we’ve limited it to three weeks and so there are some blogs that will be answering questions without posing any.  Those blogs are listed at the bottom of our schedule.

Please note that the date on the schedule is the date the blogger is supposed to post their transcript.  Links will be updated to take you directly to those posts when they go up and will be * when they are.

Tuesday, February 19Bill, I70 Baseball*
Wednesday, February 20Kevin, Cards ‘N Stuff*
Thursday, February 21Mark, RetroSimba*
Friday, February 22Dathan, Cards Tied For First*
Monday, February 25Pip, Fungoes*
Tuesday, February 26Christine and Tara, Aaron Miles’ Fastball*
Wednesday, February 27Mark, Cardinals Fan In Cubs Land*
Thursday, February 28Diane, Women Who Love Cardinal Baseball*
Friday, March 1: Daniel, Redbird Rants*
Monday, March 4Matt, Cheap Seats Please*
Tuesday, March 5Nick, Pitchers Hit Eighth
Wednesday, March 6: Bob, On The Outside Corner
Thursday, March 7Spencer and Brian, StanGraphs
Friday, March 8: Corey, STL Sports Minute
Monday, March 11: Daniel, C70 At The Bat*
Participating but not asking questions:

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