Our Favorite “Obscure” Cardinals

by Cardinal70 on July 27, 2012

We all know the pantheon of greats in Cardinal history.  The guys in the Hall of Fame or on the wall of Busch Stadium (though I think you could almost make an argument that Ken Boyer would work on this project as well).  We know Stan, Ozzie, Red, Gibby, Lou, Sutter, Hornsby, Slaughter.  Those guys need no heaping praise because, well, they’ve gotten plenty of it in their careers and likely will get plenty of it going forward.

What we as a group are doing today is to focus on those players that aren’t as celebrated.  Perhaps they were at the time but have faded from view.  Perhaps they never were a big name, just a cog in a machine.  Whatever the case, these players have struck a nerve with our writers and it seemed time to highlight them for a change.

You’ll find names you remember and names you’ve not heard of.  You’ll find players that starred for the Cardinals and players that barely had more than a cup of coffee.  You’ll get lost in nostalgia or start hunting the internet to fill in gaps in your knowledge.

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