10 Years: Remembering Jack Buck and Darryl Kile

by Cardinal70 on June 17, 2012

A decade is a long time.  You see rookies debut, play, and wash out of baseball in that time.  You can see baseball shift from a power-packed group of guys to a pitcher-centric organization.  Ten years can seem like forever.

Then again, a decade can seem like no time at all.  Ten years ago this week, the Cardinal family lost both Jack Buck, the legendary broadcaster, and Darryl Kile, the ace of the squad.  One was expected, one could never be.  Both brought fans together in their grief.

As a remembrance, the UCB will be writing about these moments and collecting articles that relate to those days in June of 2002.  Please continue to check back throughout the week but most especially Monday, the anniversary of Jack’s passing, and Friday, ten years from when we lost Darryl.

UCB Articles
Aaron Miles’ Fastball
Bleed Cardinal Red With Me
Born Bleeding
C70 At The Bat (Buck)
C70 At The Bat (Kile)
I70 Baseball
Obviously, You’re Not A Golfer
Obviously, You’re Not A Golfer (second post)
Pitchers Hit Eighth
Pitchers Hit Eighth (Kile)
Redbird Rants
Redbirds Nest in Korea
STL Sports 360
View From The Cheap Seats
Women Who Love Cardinal Baseball

Other Columns
Tom Ackerman, KMOX
Dan Caesar, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Chris Jaffe, The Hardball Times
Jenifer Langosch, MLB.com
Matthew Leach, MLB.com
Bernie Miklasz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 
Joe Strauss, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Apropos of Something
Bits and Pieces
Fox Sports Midwest (Buck)
Fox Sports Midwest (Kile)
SB Nation St. Louis
Tomato Cans
Vivid13’s Weblog

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