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by Cardinal70 on May 29, 2012


June 2 Game To Be Covered By Away And Home Bloggers

For the fifth consecutive year, the United Cardinal Bloggers, one of the premier organized blogging communities in all of baseball, will be conducting one of their signature projects, the progressive game blog.  This year, the organization has selected the June 2 game against the Mets in New York for their focus.

As is the case every year, each blogger is assigned a portion (usually an inning) of the game.  The blogger will not only describe the action but will use what happens in that portion as a jumping-off point for other ideas and topics.  Each blogger will link to the previous portion and the next portion of the game, forming a circular chain that will allow people to see the game through various eyes.

This progressive dinner version of game blogging will span numerous platforms, writing styles and locations and can be seen as an anthology of Cardinal blogging thought.  A pre-game post will set the stage and then the action moves through the other blogs, wrapping up with a post-game recap.  (Note that these will be not be live postings, but should be up Saturday evening or early Sunday.)

This year, there is a twist on the standard formula.  Along with the complete game being covered from the Cardinal perspective, six New York Mets blogs will provide an “alternate channel” of programming, coming at the game from the perspective of the home team.  The Mets bloggers will be available every other inning and will be linked to by the corresponding Cardinal blogger as well.

The order of participating blogs is as follows. The first blog listed is the Cardinal blog, the second the Mets blog.

Pre-game: United Cardinal Bloggers
First inning: Pitchers Hit Eighth/Subway Squawkers
Second inning: Cards ‘N Stuff
Third inning: I70 Baseball/Mets Fans For Life
Top of the fourth inning: Rally Birds
Bottom of the fourth inning: STL Sports 360
Fifth inning: Fungoes/Metsrospectus
Sixth inning: On The Outside Corner
Seventh inning: Aaron Miles’ Fastball/Mets Public Record
Top of the eighth inning: Cards Tied For First
Bottom of the eighth inning: Saint Louis Sports
Ninth inning: Balls & Strikes/Mets News Now
Extra innings/Game recap: C70 At The Bat/The Eddie Kranepool Society

The Cardinals have actually not fared well in the games selected for the progressive game blog over the years.

May 3, 2008: Cubs 9, Cardinals 3. Kyle Lohse allowed eight runs in six innings. Yadier Molina was the offensive hero, going two for three with a home run.

May 23, 2009: Cardinals 5, Royals 0. Lohse again got the start and fared much better before being hit by a Ron Mahay pitch that significantly affected the rest of that season and 2010 as well.  Yadier Molina again went two for three, but the only home run of the game came from Skip Schumaker.

May 29, 2010: Cubs 5, Cardinals 0. Same score as the prior year, different outcome.  Adam Ottavino got the start for the Redbirds because (honestly) Lohse had been put on the disabled list earlier that week.  Ottavino went into the sixth, but gave up four runs mainly due to six walks.  Molina only went one for three this year, with Matt Holliday collecting two of the team’s four hits on the day.

May 7, 2011: Milwaukee 4, Cardinals 0.  Three shutouts in four years, with St. Louis only on the positive side once.  Yovani Gallardo carried a no-hitter into the eighth, completely handcuffing the Cardinal offense.  Daniel Descalso was the only thing keeping St. Louis from the record books.  Unsurprisingly, it was Lohse on the opposite side, allowing just one run over eight innings.

The United Cardinal Bloggers is a collaboration of roughly 35 blogs that focus on the Cardinals.  Members participate in coordinated projects throughout the year.  The UCB also hosts a weekly internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio talking about the Cards.

For more information, please contact UCB organizer Daniel Shoptaw at cardinal70@gmail.com.  The United Cardinal Bloggers can be found at www.unitedcardinalbloggers.com and on Twitter at @utdcardbloggers.

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