UCB February Project: Preseason Roundtable

by Cardinal70 on January 31, 2012

Didn’t we just leave this party?

With a postseason that joyously ran long and a participation level that was through the roof, the United Cardinal Bloggers spent from the end of October until  just before Christmas rehashing and discussing.  Now, as the calendar turns to February, it’s time for us to take up the discussions again.

This time, however, there’s a twist.

In an effort to engage our readers and followers a bit more, we are encompassing the UCB Twitter feed (@utdcardbloggers if you aren’t following it) into the discussions.  Every day, the question that the bloggers are discussing via email will be also put on our Twitter account.  Answers that are received will be eligible to be added to the transcript when the blogger posts it.

To keep things organized, we ask that you use the proper hashtag when responding to a question.  To answer the first question, use #ucb1.  The next day, use #ucb2 and so on.  The hashtag will be listed with the schedule below.

Then, during the last week of the roundtable, we are letting you–well, turn the tables seems pretty cliche there, doesn’t it?  We’ll ask you to submit a question you want the bloggers to bat around.  The best one will be put into the system and the transcript will be posted here on this site.

Please note that the date listed with the blog link is the day that the transcript is scheduled to be posted.  The question will be asked the day before.

Tuesday, February 7: Cards Tied For First* (#ucb1)
Wednesday, February 8:  RetroSimba* (#ucb2)
Thursday, February 9: Cards ‘N Stuff* (#ucb3)
Friday, February 10: Cards Diaspora* (#ucb4)

Monday, February 13: I70 Baseball* (#ucb5)
Tuesday, February 14: Aaron Miles’ Fastball* (#ucb6)
Wednesday, February 15: Balls & Strikes* (#ucb7)
Thursday, February 16: Redbird Rants* (#ucb8)
Friday, February 17: Pitchers Hit Eighth (#ucb9)

Monday, February 20: Fungoes* (#ucb10)
Tuesday, February 21: Cardinal Diamond Diaries* (#ucb11)
Wednesday, February 22: Redbirds Fun* (#ucb12)
Thursday, February 23: Rally Birds (#ucb13)
Friday, February 24: CardinalsGM* (#ucb14)

Monday, February 27: On The Outside Corner (#ucb15)
Tuesday, February 28: Pitchers Hit Eighth* (#ucb16)
Wednesday, February 29: St. Louis Sports 360 (#ucb17)
Thursday, March 1: MLB Voice (#ucb18)
Friday, March 2: STL Cardinal Baseball* (#ucb19)

Monday, March 5: Birds On The Bat 82* (#ucb20)
Tuesday, March 6: STL: Fear The Red* (#ucb21)
Wednesday, March 7: Saint Louis Sports* (#ucb22)
Thursday, March 8: Bird Brained* (#ucb23)
Friday, March 9: Question from the Twitterverse* (#ucb24)

Monday, March 12: C70 At The Bat* (#ucb25)

*–Denotes transcript has been posted

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