United Cardinal Bloggers Announce Third Annual Progressive Game Blog

by Cardinal70 on May 28, 2010

The United Cardinal Bloggers would like to announce their third annual progressive game blog, set to cover Saturday’s game against the Chicago Cubs.

Each blogger will be responsible for one inning of this Saturday’s matchup.  The blogger will not only describe the action, but use that as a jumping off point for other related tangents.  Each blogger will link to the one before and after to form a circular chain that will encompass nine innings of baseball.

This progressive dinner version of game blogging will span numerous platforms, writing styles and locations and can be seen as an anthology of Cardinal blogging thought.  A pre-game post will set the stage and then the action moves through the other blogs, wrapping up back at the beginning for a post-game thought.  (Note that these will not be live postings, but should be up Saturday evening or early Sunday.)

See the game through various perspectives.  Get a taste of Cardinal Nation!

The United Cardinal Bloggers would also like to encourage other bloggers or media members to highlight this project when they can.

The order of the participating blogs is as follows:

Pre-GameUnited Cardinal Bloggers

Extras/Wrap-upFredbird Follys
In 2008, the inaugural progressive game blog, the first of its kind as far as the UCB can determine, covered the Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs facing off.  The pregame post of that one can be found here, along with links to all participating blogs.  Last year, a game between St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals were covered.  The 2010 game will be the first that will not feature Kyle Lohse pitching, as he was shelled by the Cubs two years back and pitched a solid game last year, though was hit in the forearm with a pitch, the repercussions of which are still felt today.

The United Cardinal Bloggers is an collaboration between roughly 35 blogs that focus on the Cardinals.  Members participate in coordinated projects throughout the year.  The UCB also hosts a weekly internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio talking about the Cards.

All questions about this project can be directed to Daniel Shoptaw at cardinal70@gmail.com or can be found at www.unitedcardinalbloggers.com.

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