UCB February Project: Roundtable

by Cardinal70 on February 23, 2010

One of the things the United Cardinal Bloggers are known for is their roundtables.  A question gets passed around via e-mail, everyone weighs in, and then the transcript gets posted on the questioner’s blog the next day.

The preseason roundtable always seems to be the biggest, and this year is no exception.  Seventeen of the UCB members–including our newest, Intangiball–(late edit: Fredbird Follys got into the game, so it’s 18!) will be discussing the Cardinals and the game of baseball for the next few weeks.  Links to the transcripts will be added here when they go up, but plan your internet browsing around these sites in the coming days!  (Date is the day the question is posed, so check a day or so after for the transcript.)

Feb. 22: Pitchers Hit Eighth
Feb. 23: La Beisbolista
Feb. 24: Bird Brained
Feb. 25: Redbird Rants
Feb. 26: Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer

Mar. 1: Whiteyball
Mar. 2: Thoughts About Cardinals
Mar. 3: The McBrayer-Baseball Blog
Mar. 4: Redbird Chatter
Mar. 5: Stan Musial’s Stance

Mar. 8: Fungoes
Mar. 9: All Cardinals, All The Time
Mar. 10: Intangiball
Mar. 11: CardinalsGM
Mar. 12: Five O’Clock Blogger

Mar. 15: Play A Hard Nine
Mar. 16: Fredbird Follys
Mar. 17: Cardinals Country
Mar. 18: C70 At The Bat

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