Can Edmonds Produce?

by SMS_Mike on January 24, 2010

Wednesday night, on the UCB Radio Hour, Dan; and I talked a little bit about Jim Edmonds’ potential return to the majors. I said I found the idea intriguing. Currently the Cardinals have Tyler Greene, Julio Lugo, and Jason LaRue as their bench. Not a lot of pop there, and nary a left-handed bat among them. Daryl Jones and Daniel Desalsco, ranked in the top ten of Cardinal prospects by Derrick Goold, both hit left-handed, but probably aren’t major league ready, and also probably would be better served by playing every day in the minors vice sitting on the bench in St Louis.

So Edmonds is an intriguing, low-cost option, that the Cardinals know, that LaRussa will vouch for, and that could mentor Colby Rasmus on how to play CF. Should they sign Edmonds for the league minimum?

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