2009 Cardinal Blogger Award Winners

by Cardinal70 on November 24, 2009

All the votes that are coming in are likely in, so it’s time to hand out some hardware.  Thanks to all the bloggers that voted based on the ballot found here.  Participation was down some this year, but still lots of quality in the voting.

1. Cardinal Player of the Year

The winner: Albert Pujols

There’s no need to dethrone the king.–Cardinal Nation Globe

Phat Albert cleaned up in the voting, as he did in the National League MVP race.  However, this one wasn’t unanimous, as ten blogs went Pujols, but two blogs went with the underdog Brendan Ryan.

2. Cardinal Pitcher of the Year

The winner: Adam Wainwright

The man helped us pick up Mark DeRosa, (you know he helped) and then was a competitor for the Cy Young. He picked up a gold glove this year and had more wins than any other Cardinal.–Fredbird Follys

The battle of the aces continued into the offseason, with Chris Carpenter edging Wainwright in the Cy Young voting but Wainwright getting his revenge here in the CBAs.  Nine blogs went for the Wagonmaker, while three leaned Carpenter’s way.

3. Game of the Year

The winner: September 26

This was the closest thing the Cardinals had to celebrating a World Series this year–CardinalsGM

The clinching game against the Rockies drew the most support, with seven bloggers casting their ballots for that one.  No other game got more than one vote, with the games of April 9July 24July 29August 18, and October 1 rounding out the voting.

4. Surprise Player of the Year

The winner: Brendan Ryan

the Flyin’ Irishman finished third among the team’s position players with a 3.2 WAR and fifth in the league at his position, ahead of such highly compensated names such as Miguel Tejada, Jimmy Rollins and Edgar Renteria.–Fungoes

The surprise shortstop took home six of the possible votes, with his closest competitor another infielder, second baseman Skip Schumaker with three.  Ryan Franklin, Kyle McClellan and Joel Pineiro each also got a mention.

5. Disappointing Player of the Year

The winner: Rick Ankiel and Khalil Greene

I thought Greene would benefit from the change of scenery, but I was wrong.–Inside Pulse

We wanted him to be good, we wanted him hitting .270 with 25 homers, but it just wasn’t to be and, with his strikeout to end the NLDS, it was just a terrible way for him to end his Cardinal career.–C70 At The Bat

The two flameouts of the 2009 season, in our opinion, both garnered four votes.  The remaining four votes were evenly split between Troy Glaus and Kyle Lohse.

6. Cardinal Rookie of the Year

The winner: Colby Rasmus

However, no rookie contributed as much on a daily basis as Rasmus, and under the weight of great expectations from Cardinal Nation, he was able to turn in a really respectable season–Pitchers Hit Eighth

It’s really no surprise that a rookie that, by the end of the year, was the regular starting center fielder got the overwhelming nod in this category.  Only a solitary pick of Blake Hawksworth kept it from being unanimous.

7. Off-Season Acquisition of the Year

The winner: Trever Miller

[H]e was the better of the two LOOGYs and both LOOGYs contributed more than Greene.–Play A Hard 9

Miller was the only unanimous selection in the whole voting process, tallying up all 12 votes.

8. Mid-Season Acquisition of the Year

The winner: Matt Holliday

Holliday’s arrival helped spur the Cardinals to their best month of the season (August), and vaulted them into the playoffs.–Stan Musial’s Stance

The high-profile trade for Holliday was the choice of 10 of the 12 blogs, with Boston castoffs Julio Lugo and John Smoltz getting one vote apiece.

9. Most Anticipated Cardinal

The winner: Shelby Miller

His arrival date is still several years away, but Miller has the potential to be a top of the rotation starter for the Cardinals.–CardinalsGM

2009’s top draft pick Miller took home seven votes, which helped him outpace other Cardinal prospects Allen Craig (two votes), David Freese (1), Jaime Garcia (1) and Joe Mather (1).

10. Best Individual Cardinal Blog

The winner: Fungoes

Pip routinely educates me (and I’d guess many others) on the finer intricacies of baseball and the statistical analysis of said sport.–Pitchers Hit Eighth

Fungoes was the hands-down winner, racking up nine votes to C70 At The Bat’s three.  (And if I could release my delegates to Pip, I would!)

11. Best Cardinal Team Blog

The winner: Viva El Birdos

The standard.  Even with new faces rotating in, they still produce quality analysis day in day out.–Play A Hard 9

VEB gets its third win in a row, conjuring up six votes.  Pitchers Hit Eighth finished a respectable second with three, followed by CardinalsGM and Future Redbirds, each with one.

12. Best Cardinal Media Blog

The winner: Bird Land

Derrick Goold is a top-notch pro and his blog is the first that I visit when I’m looking for official information.–Cardinal Nation Globe

Many agreed with Scott’s analysis, as Bird Land took home 9 votes, with one vote going to all the nominees and one picking fellow Post-Dispatch blog Cardinal Beat.

13. Best UCB Project

The winner: Roundtables

I haven’t done many of the UCB projects, but the Roundtables were the most fun to participate in.–Inside Pulse

The roundtables, one of the signatures of the UCB, was selected by six blogs.  The Top 7 Prospects project garnered three votes, with Cardinal Memories, Debate Day, and the Progressive Game Blog also getting mentioned.

14. Most Optimistic Blog

The winner: C70 At The Bat

Daniel walks the line between optimism and homerism, but never falls over it. Well, too far, anyway!–Fungoes

I appreciate the fact that three of you picked my blog for this honor.  Also receiving a vote were CardinalsGM, Future Redbirds, and La Beisbolista.

15. Funniest Cardinal Blog

The winner: Fredbird Follys

While it’s a fairly new blog, I do get a kick out of Travis’s Onion-style discussions about the ‘Birds.–C70 At The Bat

One of the newest blogs in the UCB universe takes home this hardware, with four voters give him the nod.  Cardinal Diaspora snagged two votes, while Red State, Blue State got one pick.

16. Rookie Cardinal Blog of the Year

The winner: St. Louis Sports Scene

Steve Sommer was a breath of fresh air coming onto the Cardinal blog scene, providing incredible insight and analysis–Pitchers Hit Eighth

The winning blog, which now no longer exists due to Steve’s joining Erik Manning at Play A Hard 9, received four votes.  The McBrayer-Baseball Blog and Cardinal Nation Blog each received one vote.

Again, thanks to all that participated and congrats to all the winners.  I’m sure that Albert is much more touched by this than his NL MVP and $200,000 bonus.  Right?

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Joe McBrayer November 25, 2009 at 12:04 am

I am just wondering why a blog that no longer exists won?


Cardinal70 November 25, 2009 at 7:49 am

Steve’s collaboration with Erik is a very recent thing, so recent that his original blog was still active when the ballot was made up and the voting began. In the opinion of the voters, his work there was strong enough to be worthy of consideration, even given the fact that he had just ended it.


Deaner November 25, 2009 at 9:00 am

Thanks for compiling the results C70!


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