June UCB Project: Cardinal Memories

by Cardinal70 on June 25, 2009

Before this mighty group of talented bloggers you see before you became that vaunted organization called United Cardinal Bloggers, we were Cardinal fans.  Part of the great aspect of any fandom are the memories that you have of watching your team.  Whether it’s a momentous occasion, such as where you were when Mark McGwire hit #62, or something more personal, like your first visit to Busch, those memories stay with you forever.

This month, the UCB will be sharing some of those personal memories with you.  On Friday, June 26, participating blogs will post their remembrances of games and players and teams gone by.  Some may be funny, some may be poignant, but all will be important, at least to us.  We invite you to share in our walk down Memory Lane.

This post will be edited as the entries are posted, so come back during the day to see who is posting and relieve some of your own Cardinal memories as well.

C70 At The Bat
Pitchers Hit Eighth
Redbirds Row
Stan Musial’s Stance

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