UCB April Project: Debate Day!

by Cardinal70 on April 29, 2009

There’s nothing that baseball does better than bring out the argumentative side of people.  Whether it’s trying to settle who was better or discussing what should have been done in the seventh, baseball fans are always talking and debating what could be or should be.

Today, 10 United Cardinal Bloggers square off on five different topics related to the St. Louis squad.  Check out both sides of the argument and decide for yourself!

Statement one: The Cardinals’ real rival is Houston, not Chicago.

For the prosecution, Stan Musial’s Stance
For the defense, Redbirds Fun

Statement two: The team should try to resign Rick Ankiel at season’s end.

For the prosecution, Baseball Digest
For the defense, Pitchers Hit Eighth

Statement three: The Cardinals should try to trade Chris Duncan instead of Rick Ankiel.

For the prosecution, Redbird Chatter
For the defense, C70 At The Bat

Statement four: If Troy Glaus is out for the year, Brett Wallace should be considered for a callup.

For the prosecution, Whiteyball
For the defense, The Redbird Blog

Statement five: Khalil Greene should be approached for an extension before the end of the year.

For the prosecution, Redbirds Row
For the defense, Fungoes

We hope that you’ll read all the different points of view and decide where you stand on the issues.  Thanks for reading!

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