Spring Roundtable

by Pitchers Hit Eighth on March 28, 2009

Below are the links to all of the member blogs’ questions and transcripts from the Spring 2009 Roundtable.

February 20: Pitchers Hit Eighth (Kyle Lohse contract, bad timing or huge gaffe)
February 23: The Rundown
February 24: Cardinal Nation Globe (A franchise player besides Pujols)
February 25: That’s a Winner
February 26: CardinalsGM
February 27: Play a Hard 9
March 2: Redbirds Row (Chris Duncan)
March 3: Stan Musial’s Stance (ownership)
March 4: Bugs and Cranks (Ryan Ludwick)
March 5: Joe Sports Fan
March 6: Fungoes (main scoreboard at Busch)
March 9: Whiteyball (Colby Rasmus)
March 10: The Cardinal Virtue (Cardinal Mt. Rushmore)
March 11: Cardinal Diaspora (scrappiness)
March 12: 4thebirds…. (Mozeliak’s offseason)
March 13: The Redbird Blog (bold predictions)
March 16: La Beisbolista (next retired number)
March 17: 5 O’Clock Blogger (Mark McGwire)
March 18: Redbirds Fun
March 19: Redbird Ramblings
March 20: C70 At The Bat

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